We are specialists for professional audio recordings




We don’t just work with famous musicians. The amateurs among you will be accompanied just as professionally.



Albums CDs Records

We have recorded and mixed well over 320 albums and pieces of music. A large part of them in Germany.



Hours Performance

We can no longer count the hours. After such a long time, it no longer matters. You definitely benefit from this experience.

Documentaries and reports for TV/Radio

Well over 1000 television productions, podcasts and audio books have passed through our faders.

why choose us

More than 30 years experience

We don’t just work with professionals in the music business. We also provide professional support for amateurs. 

Best Equipment

What good is the best equipment if you can't handle it? We know where which microphone has to be positioned so that it sounds the way you want it to.

Live Instruments

You can bring the most unusual acoustic musical instruments with you. We will make your instrument sound so good that it will give you goose bumps..

Sound Quality

Good microphones, the best equipment and lots of experience are essential for a great music production.

Multiple Studios

We work together with professional musicians, directors, filmmakers, producers and specialists for your music.

Services we offer

lipsync recording, ADR

Compositions / Arrangements

Audiobooks / Podcasts

Music production

Mixing / Sound design

Trusted by clients

Customer testimonial

Best sound studio
"I wish I would have thought of it first. I don't always clop, but when I do, it's because of sound studio."
Meilana Karin

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Of course, this doesn’t just have to do with experience and good technical equipment – it also has something to do with trust.